The company ARTMOSPHERE is a company specialised in the production of shows and live performances and providing training in performing arts, but the company also has many other strings to its' bow.

Since 2004, we have created and produced several shows and developed concepts based on specific requirements. Mastering the whole creative process, from the writing of a show to its performance, we cover a wide range of artistic disciplines: singing, dancing, music, circus, stunts, magic ... all in one place. The artists we work with are all confirmed professionals in their particular artistic branch, having worked on successful musicals, TV shows, Cirque du Soleil, and other well-known productions... and are selected according to strict criteria.

The company has an entire catalogue of shows to offer, both single and multiple themed: cabaret, musicals, variety shows, folklore ... The latest creations move with current trends: cinema, cabaret urban, hip-hop, Latin...

The structure is managed by two artists who have established a national and international career, namely in the USA, and hence have significant knowledge in the field of performing arts in France and abroad, adding significant value to Artmosphere's expertise. Moreover, the company has implemented professional training schemes as well as national and international workshops to enable professionals and amateurs to improve their skills in their particular branch of the arts.

Thus, Artmosphere is a company thoroughly established in the field of performing arts, and has within the space of a few short years found its place and positioned itself as a key player at the highest level of the market. Discipline and professionalism are two principles around which the company centres its' evolution and progress



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